Send, track and receive files instantly over the web


  • Easy to use
  • Accepts most file types
  • 100MB free space


  • Premium only allows up to 2GB
  • May compromise privacy

Very good

Sending big files by e-mail can be slow, unreliable and awkward. YouSendIt is a simple web-based secure file sending service which allows you to securely send, receive and track files on demand.

YouSendIt is an easy to use alternative to sending files by e-mail, FTP or uploading them to hard copy such as DVDs, CDs and hard drives. All you have to do is enter the recipients' e-mail addresses, attach the file and press "send". The recipients receives an e-mail notification with a URL that lets them download the file.

YouSendIt works on a freemium basis. Files of up to 100MB are free to send but if you upgrade to a paid account, you can send up to 2GB. This isn't huge considering that a 2 hour raw video file can easily exceed this but it should be enough for most people's general needs. With the free service, downloads remain available for 7 days while the premium service keeps files available for 14 days.

Uploading is very fast and you can preview exactly what the recipient will see when they receive the file. You can also add a subject and message. The only reservation I would have about YouSendIt is that, by uploading data to their servers, you are compromising the security and confidentiality of anything you send.

YouSendIt is an efficient and simple alternative to sending large files across the net.


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