Very good

WordPress for BlackBerry allows you to keep your blog updated while you're on the move, via your phone.

The neat user interface in WordPress for BlackBerry makes it very easy to access and manage your blog. The tidy main menu gives you quick access to all of your posts, pages and comments, as well as a section for tracking your blog's stats (providing you have the Wordpress plug-in installed).

Editing posts with WordPress for BlackBerry is a very comfortable experience. You can quickly enter titles, categorize, add tags, and add your location. There's also a tool for uploading media, which allows you to grab images from your camera or SD card, upload audio and even add video (again, you'll need the right plug-in for this).

Beneath the post editing window in WordPress for BlackBerry are a few shortcut buttons for common HTML tags, such as bold, italic, insert link and list. One of the major drawbacks of WordPress for BlackBerry is its lack of visual editing tools, making it difficult to work with images in your posts. Unless you know HTML you'll likely end up having to format the images in a desktop browser before they can be published.

You should note too that WordPress for BlackBerry doesn't allow you to edit themes, and it doesn't support any plug-ins you might have installed for your blog.

Overall, WordPress for BlackBerry provides a very effective tool for editing your blog while you're out and about.



WordPress BlackBerry 10 2.3.1

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