Easily make your own widgets from almost any site


  • Creates widgets for almost any site in an instant
  • Thousands of widgets to choose from
  • Customise the look of widgets easily


  • Free version places ads in widgets
  • Won't be able to create widgets for all sites

Very good

This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Windows > Customization > Widgets.

Widgetbox allows you to turn your content into dynamic web apps or widgets that can be shared on other websites.

You can both create and search for widgets and then distribute them across blogging, social networking services, and personal websites. Widgetbox now includes a Mobile Site Builder which allows you to create mobile sites for iPhone and Android phones.

There's already an impressive amount of widgets online with almost 200,000 at the last count in the Widgetbox Gallery. You can browse widgets by tags, topics, or featured lists. If you want to create your own, it's very simple. Just select the source of the widget you want to create such as a Blogfeed, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube etc, enter the URL, and in within about 5 seconds, your widget is ready for customization. Widgetbox can customize the look of the widget including a choice of over 60 themes. You can also edit the text that accompanies your widget and what kind of information you want it to display.

Widgetbox is a powerful and very easy way to create widgets. Of course, you don't have the amount of control you would if you programmed your own but for those without any coding knowledge, it's ideal. The free version contains ads and a link to the site so bear in mind that wherever you plan to use it, it will contain third party info unless you upgrade to Widgetbox Premium.

Widgetbox is a powerful widget creation tool that makes creating widgets a breeze.


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